About Us

ServePravasi.com is a pioneer in providing high-quality, on-demand residential services. We are a dynamic team, having capable and trusted professionals who perform a wide variety of common home repairs and maintenance services.

We offer a wide range of home services to make your life easy. Now that we are here, your basic household chores will require no more effort than the swishing of a magic wand. Our services include high-quality plumbing, electrical services, home cleaning, computer repairs other tasks that need a specialist’s hand.

We are committed to offer competitive prices without compromising our workmanship and quality. We accept major and minor repair requirements and provide indoor and outdoor home maintenance services.

By popular demand, we have introduced specialized services such as in-house bridal makeup, beauty services which you can schedule at your place and convenience. ServePravasi.com will also take care of your laundry and dry cleaning, with pickup and delivery right at your door step.

For your utmost satisfaction and safety, we have a very rigid hiring process which ensures only experienced and qualified technicians take up your requirements. With our skilled and trustworthy technicians, we assure you quality services 24/7, all through the year.

Who We Are?

Welcome to ServePravasi.com, where home services are no longer daunting and cumbersome.We are an enthusiastic team of individuals looking forward to provide go-to utility services that help fixing problems haunting the average home keeper! We are driven by our passion to give more to the common household and the community at large.At ServePravasi, we believe that no matter how great a home maker you are, there is always that one leaky tap,or a squeaky pipe that needs a fix.

In this digital age, people have always looked up to technology for solutions,and so, we sat down and decided to address the problem at hand.Whether you are a stickler for cleanliness, or someone juggling between home and a busy/hectic life, What we have for you at ServePravasi is the perfect door-to-door solution that addresses every domestic problem.A solution to rid the society off the hassles of daily life.A cost effective solution that can impact thousands of households.A solution that bridges the gap between skilled professional and the need for their services.A solution that gives power to 'the ones' that make homes 'a happy place'!